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Solar PV system failed, or underperforming? Broken panel need replacing? We can service and repair.

AEC Solar Division formed from Atkinsons Electrical Contracting Services Ltd, who have expanded further into the PV Solar Sector.

The Director Robert Atkinson established the business in 2008. His extensive knowledge in the sector stems back to when he left school and started his Electrical Installation Apprenticeship. He has been involved in PV solar since 2010. 

Over the years the company has gone from strength to strength, by building trusted working relationships with local businesses and residents who continue to be valued customers.

With our combined knowledge of Electrical Installation and PV Solar, it is hard to find another installation team that will deliver a better, more efficient job in any type of project, whether it be a new build project or upgrade to your property. We continue to evolve with this fast-paced industry to give you the best service and products.

Mike C
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I’m dropping you a line to say how pleased I was with the installation of our solar panel system. The team led by Mike the electrician were all very professional and worked tremendously hard throughout the day to ensure the whole system was fully operational by the end of the day. Mike fully explained the operation of the system, setting up my mobile phone with the system monitoring phone app. For your own part as the designer of the solar panel system, I’ve been impressed with how you have continually kept me updated with the whole process and been available to answer any questions that I’ve had. Many thanks for your excellent service.
Barbara S
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AEC proved themselves to be a great team working together and organised for our new solar panels. Communication was good, and the technicalities were explained clearly. They were very knowledgeable and skilled in their own areas. After arriving punctually and working hard on the installation, they left the place clean and tidy. Before and after the installation, we were supported with any queries and were shown how to use the equipment to read how much energy we were saving etc.
John S
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"A straight forward experience throughout. All members of the team were very professional and efficient, the estimator, the scaffolders, the roofers and the electricians. Timescale and dates were strictly adhered to - the system worked perfectly as expected on completion. Now looking forward to the benefits of much lower electricity bills. Full marks, thank you."
Ross M
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AEC solar installed 16 panels, a 5kW 3-phase Solis inverter and compatible 3-phase Puredrive batteries. They were incredibly professional throughout, with exceptional workmanship (including roof work and finishing). We had an issue with the performance of the inverter, but not due to any fault of AEC, and they supported us all the way through to a resolution. I'm sure other installers would have just ditched us to deal with it ourselves. I can't recommend AEC enough.
Sarah M
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We had our panels and 2 batteries installed March 2023. Excellent charging all summer and into the autumn. We even get some charge in the winter, so our electricity costs have been considerably reduced. With payback, from your provider for excess electricity that you generate, this is a really worthwhile investment.
Gareth W
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AEC Solar installed us a 6kw Solis inverter with 2x Puredrive batteries. The process was hassle-free from start to finish. Our system has been in 6 months and is already over performing in comparison to our proposal. Highly recommended
Stuart D
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I had a full system installed 14 panels, battery, inverter and an Eddi which uses excess solar to heat my water. The system was professionally installed with no mess or problems. My certification came through 3 days after install, which enabled my export with no issues. My system is working well, and I know if I have any problems, AEC are available to support. I would strongly advise using AEC solar division.
Jim W
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Rob came and fitted a new inverter to our solar system. Very swift operation and a very tidy job made highly recommend AEC solar division.
Andrew P
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AEC Solar gave a very professional and friendly service. Transparent pricing and hassle-free installation. First-rate service. Thanks again.
Steve S
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Excellent system including battery that was installed by a professional company who turned up on time - highly recommended.
Richard H
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A practical and bespoke installation of a solar system to a grade-2 listed house. Excellent quote, prompt installation and customer care.
Mike D
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Excellent service from start to finish. Couldn't recommend AEC Solar more.
John H
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Absolutely excellent. Responsive and timely. Never felt pressured. Delivered on time on price with great precision.
Tom H
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AEC Solar provided a top quality service. Thanks again.
George G
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Fabulous service, really pleased with the work. Would recommend to anyone
Andrew C
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Top service by Rob and his team!
Wendy & John B
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We would highly recommend AEC. We have used AEC many times and Rob and Mike's work has always been carried out to a high standard. So would definitely recommend AEC when you need an electrician. Thanks for all your work.
Tony W
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AEC carried out extensive electrical installation work on our Barn conversion project. We are delighted with all aspects of their work, which included fire detection, alarm system and renewable technologies. We still have further work to do on our Barn project and will be calling AEC to complete this work. AEC have helped us on our conversion journey through their friendly and very knowledgeable approach. Many thanks.
Aruna B
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Highly competitive AEC has been responsible for all our electrical works at Fox Covert Farm for over 15 years which has ranged from extensions, large shed electrical supply and wiring in our automatic back up generator all to a first class and professional standard. We cannot speak highly enough about this firm.
Becky W
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Always great service from Rob and Mike. Whether fitting new electrics, solving problems with existing systems or working on our solar panels. Highly recommended for professional and timely service.
Bryn J
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Used AEC on a number of occasions, and they have always provided an excellent and friendly service.
Anthony C
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Professional, obliging, courteous and tidy. I am a repeat customer.
Valerie H
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Efficient, obviously well-qualified operatives, and not at all expensive.
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All about solar

Solar Panels

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, are devices that convert sunlight into electricity by harnessing the energy of the sun's photons through the photovoltaic effect. The panels are made up of multiple solar cells, which are typically made of silicon and other materials, that convert the energy of the sun's photons into direct current (DC) electricity. The electricity generated by solar panels can be used to power homes and businesses. Solar panels are a popular form of renewable energy due to their ability to generate electricity from a sustainable and renewable source.

EV Chargers

EV chargers are devices used to charge electric vehicles (EVs). They come in various sizes and types. Level 2 chargers use a 240-volt outlet and can usually charge an EV in a few hours. DC fast chargers, also known as Level 3 chargers, are the fastest charging option and can charge an EV in as little as 30 minutes. EV chargers can be installed at homes and workplaces.

Battery Storage

Battery storage allows solar energy to be stored for later use. It is an essential component of a solar energy system that allows homeowners and businesses to use solar energy even at night. The battery storage works by storing excess solar energy generated during the day, which can then be used to power lights, appliances, and devices when the solar panels are not generating electricity. This can help reduce reliance on grid electricity and lower energy bills.

Working towards a carbon neutral future

Our goals are to give expert advice, guidance and outstanding customer service. To save our customers money and help reduce their carbon emissions. Solar energy is good for our customers and all our future generations.

Discover How Solar Can Save You Money

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we get asked about our solar power systems.

Save up to 70% on your energy bills – estimated savings vary according to the consumer’s usage and property type. We have a team that can advise on a system that is right for your needs. Our designers will also advise if it is not financially beneficial for your circumstances.

As well as doing your bit for the environment, investing in solar PV panels can also help you cut the cost of energy. But how do solar panels work, how many do you need, and can you really run a whole house off solar energy alone? To find out, take a look at our comprehensive guide to solar PV panels that explains everything you need to know.

When it comes to homes, there used to be two main types of solar panel available:

· Poly-crystalline solar panels – these panels used to be the most popular option for homeowners. They offer a good balance between cost, efficiency, and maintenance.

· Mono-crystalline solar panels – are newer, more efficient and are the top choice for all manufacturers making them the best option.

Solar panels are made up of layers of photovoltaic cells. Each layer has a slightly different set of properties. When sunlight hits the panel, those properties react to create a current which in turn, produces something called DC (direct current) electricity.

For that energy to work in homes, it needs to be converted to an alternating current (AC electricity) using an inverter. The AC energy that’s generated can then be used, stored in batteries for later use or sold back to the National Grid.

Although solar panels feel like fairly modern technology, they’ve actually been around since the 1880s. In fact, in 1883, American inventor Charles Fritts designed the very first solar panels and positioned them on a New York City roof. His original design used selenium and gold which managed to convert around 2% of energy into useable power. In contrast, today’s PV panels offer between 15% and 20% efficiency.

Of course, the idea of using the sun’s energy dates back to ancient times. Greeks and Romans used mirrors and glass to amplify the sun’s rays to start fires (which is why a mirror on a window ledge can be so dangerous).

Solar PV panels vary in size depending on the manufacturer. Generally, individual solar panels measure 2m x 1m while energy output ranges from 400W (watts) to 440W per panel.

Individual panels can then be grouped together to create a solar array (or solar PV system) big enough to generate the electricity you need.

The number of PV panels you need depends on a number of aspects:

· The amount of energy you use (measured in kilowatt hours, kWh).

· The size of your roof and the weight it can carry(or the amount of land you can mount panels on).

· How many hours of sunshine or daylight you have where you live.

As a guide, the average UK home with four family members, uses around 3,800kWh every year which means you’d need enough solar PV panels to generate at least this amount.

For example, if you chose panels with an output of 400W each, you’d need 10 of these to create a solar array large enough to meet your household needs. If you chose panels with a higher output, you’d need less of them to generate the same amount of energy.

Bear in mind that not all your energy has to come from your solar panels. If you’ve got limited useable roof space, a smaller solar PV system can be used to offset some of your energy use, which would still help lower bills.

We are experts in our field & take all the above factors into account to design you a Solar PV system perfect for your requirements.

With the recent surge in energy prices, customers are saving up to £2000 per year on their electricity bills. Even more when coupled with battery storage.

Even prior to the energy costs surging in January 2022 research from the Energy Savings Trust, revealed you could save almost £300 on bills depending on where you live and how much energy you normally use. For instance, if you work from home, you’re likely to make greater savings compared to someone who isn’t home much during the day.

You can also earn money by exporting (selling) your unused energy back to the National Grid through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme. You’ll get paid per kilowatt, but that amount will depend on which supplier you sell to. Currently, payment rates vary significantly from 5p up to 20p per kilowatt, so it’s well worth comparing who’s offering what.

Don’t forget that savings aren’t just financial. The Energy Savings Trust also calculates that the average home using a solar PV array, could save one tonne of carbon every year, so you’ll be helping save the planet too.

Cost depends on a host of factors, including the size of system you want, the output of each panel and the amount of energy you want to generate. The type of PV panel you choose, and if you want battery storage, along with how the system is mounted, will also have an effect on what you pay.

With that in mind, it’s best to explore all your available options. That way, you can get a better idea of what solar PV system would suit your home and energy needs.

Receive payments for surplus energy generated from your system – you will receive the Smart Energy Guarantee SEG payments once your utility company has been informed the system has been installed. The rate of this payment varies between utility companies.

Lower carbon footprint – Harvesting your energy from the sun is recognised as a popular green method for producing energy and the technology is rapidly improving all the time

Can add value to your property – With the high prices of electricity, it is now an attractive selling point to have Solar, battery storage and EV chargers

Off set EV and heating etc costs – Many people with electric forms of heating, electric vehicles and other forms of high usage electricity are getting Solar/battery storage in order to massively reduce their bills.

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